Normalisation and the two state solution 

Summary: the true aim of discreet discussions about the normalisation of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel amidst Saudi claims about pursuing a two state solution is to block accountability for Israel’s ongoing Gaza genocide and to funnel the Palestinians deeper into apartheid. 

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2 thoughts on “Normalisation and the two state solution ”

  1. There’s not a lot of evidence for the claims made here. Your argument seems to be that those countries trying to entice or force Israel to abandon the occupation and accept a Palestinian state in the territories are traitors to the Palestinian cause. What’s the alternative then? Rally around Hamas?

    1. The only groups trying to force Israel to abandon the occupation are the Palestinian resistance now fighting in Gaza and the West Bank with support from the axis of resistance. Saudi leaders are certainly not taking any meaningful steps towards this. They are not even enticing Israel to do something. They want to see Israel win the war and as we discussed in Friday’s newsletter they are now actively collaborating, despite the occupation and genocide now unfolding in Gaza and the West Bank. The genocide makes it more incumbent on everyone than ever, especially Arab leaders, to act independently and do what they can to try and prevent this and they have many potential alternative policy options at their fingertips to make Israel fulfil its obligations under international law other than “rallying around Hamas” like say, Iran has done. Embarrassingly, South Africa has done more so far to help the Palestinians than any Arab country. South Africa is now supported at the ICJ by Nicaragua. The Huthis are trying to stop shipping in the Red Sea. Qatar has provided media and diplomatic support. In 1973 King Faisal led a highly effective oil embargo during the Yom Kippur / Ramadan War. King Abdullah put forward the Arab Peace Initiative. Yet today Saudi and other Arab leaders do not even sit on the fence.

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