More Saudi princes arrested

More Saudi princes arrested
Summary: 11 princes from a cadet branch of the Saudi family imprisoned and likely to face trial on public order charges. Implications for family unity, and possible consequences.

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1 thought on “More Saudi princes arrested”

  1. The posting on More Saudi Princes Arrested yesterday was somewhat dismissive of the Al Saud Al Kabir. Leaving aside other cadet branches of the family such as Al Far, Al Thunayan, Al Turki and Al Jiluwi the Al Saud Al Kabir are well integrated into the ruling element and have been ever since Ibn Saud’s sister, Nura, married Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Al Kabir.
    Prince Fahd bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman (brother of Ibn Saud) was Assistant Minister of Defence (MODA) and President of the General Authority for Civil Aviation until 2014. His mother, Sita, was the full sister of King Abdullah. Prince Fahd was therefore unusual in achieving high office in MODA whilst being closely related to the commander of the national Guard.
    The marriage connections within the Royal Family may seem impenetrable but they are important.

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