MBS and MBZ: a reconciliation of sorts

Summary: after a season of disputes that culminated with MBS and MBZ, the two most powerful leaders in the Arab world, refusing to take each others’ phone calls, all is well again and warm relations are resumed, at least for now.

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1 thought on “MBS and MBZ: a reconciliation of sorts”

  1. You write that the KSA and Saudi Arabia were united to defeat the Arab Spring. Not so in Syria, no doubt mainly in pursuit of the Saudi campaign to limit Iranian influence in the region. Are MBS and MBZ aligned on policy toward Assad today? And what about Libya where I believe the UAE to have been a major player? Now there is also the awkward Saudi spat with King Abdullah in Jordan. What is MBZ to make of MBS’s apparent intention to usurp Dubai’s role as regional hub? Where does the UAE stand? I do not take issue with your report but there are important issues outside the Yemen/Qatar/ Arabian Peninsula that may make it pretty difficult to return to lockstep.

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