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  1. I agree with the Wing Loong remarks, I suspect that Jane’s may have been blind-sided by a bit by disinformation. The picture is a Wing Loong of course, but if Turkey had used a UAS (Unmanned aerial system) it would have been its indigenous Bayraktar UAS and they have plenty of them. Later models like the TB2 is in fact a UCAV (Unmanned combat aerial vehicle) and is armed. In 2015, Turkey became the 6th country in the world that produces UCAV (USA: Predator, Reaper; China: CH-3 with short-range AR-1 missile; Israel: Hermes; Iran: Shahed 129 with Sadid-1 missile, Pakistan Burraq UCAV with Burq missile) On the 18th December 2015, a video was published for the missile test of Bayraktar TB2. On the 8th September 2016, the Bayraktar TB2 recorded its first kill, during an operation against the PKK, and then on 15th August 2018, Turkish Land Forces successfully used Bayraktar TB2 in a joint cross-border operation of the Turkish Armed Forces and the National Intelligence Organisation of Turkey to kill the senior Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader, Ísmail Özden, in the Sinjar District of north-western Iraq.

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