2 thoughts on “Libya: propaganda successes for Haftar: a Russian view”

  1. The UAE wanting secular or lay rule in Yemen sounds rather peculiar when they are training, equipping and deploying Salafis throughout the area where they are in some kind of control i.e. the south!!!

  2. The ‘secular’ issue has caused several comments, and even one public rejoinder “Saudi princess slams UAE for alleging Kingdom seeks secularism” (https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20170731-saudi-princess-slams-uae-for-alleging-kingdom-seeks-secularism/)
    My reading of al-Otaiba’s comment on “secular” – particularly given the context – was that it was a fractional mis-translation, and that what al-Otaiba meant was “lay”. Thus, the governments should be muslim, but not Islamist – and as a consequence, the (lay) Sunni Arab monarchical dynasties should be able to continue their privileged rule, rather than surrender power to Muslim Brotherhood republics / IS caliphates.

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