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  1. ‘There are many more operating independently; for example Qadhafi’s son Saif al-Islam remains held by the Zintanis, out of reach both of any other Libyan authority and of the ICC.’
    It’s worth noting that Saif al-Islam’s lawyer, indicated that he was released by the Zintanis in April last year. Moreover, earlier this year, there were rather extraordinary reports that he’d launched a new group, the ‘Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya’.

    1. Thank you for pointing out these reports. Reports that Saif al-Islam had been released were convincingly denied although anything is possible. Some Qadhafi “loyalists” have been trying to establish themselves as a player in Libya today; one who is involved is Qadhafi’s cousin Ahmad Qadhaf al-Dam, now in Egypt.

  2. Although Hafter and Serraj did not issue a joint statement, the Presidency Council of the GNA issued its own statement on 3 May which recorded several points of alleged agreement, including a call for an expanded dialogue – and the building of a united Libyan army and confirmation that the military would be “guided by” civil authority. It did not mention the creation of a three man presidency or Agila Saleh. The latter of course met State Council President Abdulrahman Sewhli in Rome on 21 April when they agreed to start their own dialogue and the House of Representatives subsequently announced their team. I have seen no report so far that the two dialogue processes intersect and one of the visitors to London you quote, coming from the HoR, conceded that the Rome meeting had been a photo op with real negotiations yet to come. Two footnotes: other photos posted on Facebook during the Abu Dhabi meeting show Hafter and Serraj smiling and holding hands; and not all Libyans will be discouraged by Mufti Sadek Ghariani’s condemnation of the meeting as a conspiracy.

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