Libya – France in the dock

Summary: deaths since April pass 1,000. France admits involvement with Haftar’s forces.
Since our posting on Libya just a week ago there have been interesting developments, mainly on the international front.

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1 thought on “Libya – France in the dock”

  1. It would be interesting to know how “damaged” the missiles etc were. They looked to be in excellent condition, still in their protective packaging. I’m also intrigued that there was no effort either to smash them physically (as we used to do with the 66mm, to prevent the disposable launcher being re-used), or blow them with PE, to get rid of the explosive charge, safeguard the targeting system, and prevent them being repaired.
    I’m also intrigued that so many were damaged while in their protective cases. If I were a gilet jaune, I’d be asking the French government to get a refund from the US for substandard packaging ….

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