1 thought on “Le Pouvoir and the Hirak: revenge served cold”

  1. The depiction of the actions of Algerian security in recent years is not one that I recognise. Furthermore it really has little to do with the Hirak, however much its former leaders may be persecuted. What the author seems to misunderstand is that the DDSE – broadly Algerian internal and external security services whatever the particular acronym they are known by – was very badly damaged by the 20 years Abdelaziz Bouteflika was in power (1999-2019). Bouteflika succeeded in half destroying the army high command, the state oil company Sonatrach and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and very nearly the security services. These are the four pillars of the Algerian state. The Algerian security has lost the professionalism, dare one say the wit, it possessed for decades. It is no longer willing let alone capable of pursuing many Algerian opponents abroad. As for the MAK it has, for decades, been manipulated by the French. A final but essential point needs making: Nicolas Beau cannot be relied upon as in any way a reliable source of information about Algeria and its security services.

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