1 thought on “Kuwait talks fail, what next for Yemen?”

  1. The British government have come under pressure in Parliament over allegations that weapons sold to Saudi Arabia have been used to commit war crimes in Yemen. On 21 July the FCO announced that six statements in Parliament, two of them dating back almost 6 months, “did not fully reflect HMG’s policy”. These statements suggested that such allegations had been examined and that after analysis HMG had concluded that there was no breach of international law. But according to the new statement “neither the MOD nor the FCO reaches a conclusion as to whether or not an IHL [international humanitarian law] violation has taken place in relation to each and every incident of potential concern that comes to its attention. This would simply not be possible in conflicts to which the UK is not a party, as is the case in Yemen.”
    Medecins Sans Frontieres report that a Saudi-led coalition air strike hit a hospital operated by MSF in northern Yemen yesterday 15 August killing at least 11 people and wounding 19.
    Such a strike would prima facie be a breach of IHL.

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