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  1. I posted that comment in quotation marks, and attached to my FB post the article by Simon Tisdall. The quote is his, and I don’t want to be thought to be taking credit for it!

    1. I apologise to Andrew, and to Mr Tisdall, for my mistake. But if I may make a comment of my own, I do feel that similar concerns should be expressed about Matthew Hedges, a British academic who has been held in the UAE for five months without charge, and reportedly maltreated. The case is unpleasantly reminiscent of that of Giulio Regeni, an Italian academic who was extensively torture and killed in Egypt, almost certainly by the police, in January 2016.

      1. I’d agree with Mr Mortimer that more representation needs to be made in regards to Mr Hedges, but disagree about the comparison. While they were both doctoral students, their situations were somewhat different.Regeni was murdered, possibly not at the behest of senior regime figures. (Qui bono?) Hedges appears to have been arrested and held on espionage charges, presumably at senior direction.
        The more apposite comparison is surely therefore with Rev Brunsen in Turkey, who appears to have been held as a hostage, possibly to be exchanged in return for US extraditing Fetullah Gulen to Turkey (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/25/world/middleeast/andrew-brunson-turkey.html) or some other deal.

  2. ‘The British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted “just met the Saudi ambassador to seek urgent answers…Violence against journalists worldwide is going up & is a grave threat to freedom of expression. If media reports prove correct, we will treat the incident seriously – friendships depend on shared values.” ‘
    Mr Hunt’s strong stand is to be applauded. After all, if the Sa’udis are able to assault a dissident journalist at will in Istanbul, who knows where else they might strike? Imagine if they were to attack a dissident journalist not in some autocratic Asian state, but on the streets of democratic London barely a mile from Parliament and Buckingham Palace: the outcry would be immense, and Government action decisive. If media reports of such an assault proved correct (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/saudi-arabia-human-rights-activist-attacked-london-mbs-ghanem-al-dosari-show-a8538406.html), HMG would most assuredly treat such a violation of British law and sovereignty seriously ….

    1. I think I prefer this comment on Facebook from Andrew Gilmour, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights: “Khashoggi’s disappearance shows what can happen when the primacy of the law breaks down, and far from fighting to restore it, democratically elected leaders and governments connive in, or turn a blind eye to, the dictators and despots who are responsible. Similarly blatant outrages are occurring every day, and every day go unpunished. Britain’s foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, needs to wake up – and stand up. Amid the tortured screams of the disappeared, having a quiet word is not enough.”

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