Jordan: potential impact of the Trump peace plan

Summary: the appearance of the Trump peace plan will cause difficulties for Jordan, whether it is accepted or rejected by the Palestinians and Israelis.
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3 thoughts on “Jordan: potential impact of the Trump peace plan”

  1. The Times of 27 May reports that King Abdullah of Jordan has opened lines to Qatar and Turkey, impelled in part by a reduction in Saudi aid to Jordan.

  2. According to article 9 of the Israel and Jordan peace treaty of 1994, a major peacemaking achievement of President Bill Clinton, “Israel respects the present special role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Moslem holy shrines in Jerusalem. When the negotiations on the permanent status will take place, Israel will give high priority to the Jordanian historic role in these shrines.” But for Saudi Arabia, historic rival of the Hashemites which expelled them from the Hijaz in 1925, this role for Jordan is an unjustified historical anomaly. It will be interesting to see whether the deal of the century pays even lip service to the peace treaty.

  3. It is ironic that at the same time as the Deal of the Century seems to ignore any return to / of Palestinians’ property, the Israelis are pushing for former Jewish properties in Poland to be returned to their former owners.
    One suggestion as part of a land swap is that Egypt should provide land in the Sinai to the Palestinians. While discussing an entirely different issue with a group of people, the subject came up and an Egyptian opined that the Egyptian Army had shed too much blood over Sinai against the Israelis ever to give up any land there for them.

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