Israel, the UAE and the subversion of the Arab Spring

Summary: the 2020 Abraham Accords put a formal stamp on relations between Israel and the UAE but the two already had a shared objective, one that operates in a grey zone in the information age using a weaponised narrative to subvert the Arab Spring.

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1 thought on “Israel, the UAE and the subversion of the Arab Spring”

  1. An excellent piece, as ever. Israeli IO has been highly effective in gaining the support of the West against their Arab neighbours. However, its success has not been without problems: Western security agencies’ response to various terrorist attacks has sometimes been to look for Arab perpetrators, rather than the actual attackers as happened in the case of the Oklahoma bombing carried out by an XRW (extreme right wing) terrorist in 1995, or the PIRA (Provisional IRA) murder of Sir Richard Sykes in 1979 where the attackers were initially claimed to be Palestinian or Iraqi. The stereotyping also probably enabled the 1972 Lod Airport attack by the Japanese Red Army.

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