Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states: what might the future hold?

Summary: the Arab states’ developing relations with Israel could weaken the Palestinians’ bargaining position. Alternatively, the Arabs could use their influence to promote a conflict-ending settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We look at three possible scenarios.  

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2 thoughts on “Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states: what might the future hold?”

  1. There’s an interesting article in AAAJ from 03 Apr 18: “‘UAE hired Israeli firm to create Yemen war game’” ( The air-heavy / casualty-averse campaign plan is reminiscent of the Israeli concept towards Palestine, although neither seem to have articulated an achievable desired end state, nor the means to effect that.
    On Jews going to Israel, there is a third option – that they made aliyah willingly, indeed (certainly in the case of the Yemenites) often at some cost to themselves and were then abused once they reached Israel.

  2. The rapprochement between Israel and some Arab states is hard to pin down. The Israelis play it up, the Arabs play it down. I’m not sure I would trust Pompeo to get the balance right.
    Some Jews fled Arab countries. Some left because Israel persuaded them to do so. Who will judge?

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