Israel: the Druze voice

Summary: the new Israeli nation state law, widely criticised as racist, has been unexpectedly attacked by the Israeli Druze community, historically loyal to Israel. Some impact in the USA.

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1 thought on “Israel: the Druze voice”

  1. While Bibi has so far remained intransigent, students of apartheid may recall an obvious precedent for dealing with Israel’s awkward “Druze problem”.
    Under the South African version of apartheid, while Chinese and those of Chinese descent were classified as “coloured” and subject to the same discriminatory laws as the country’s mixed-race population, Japanese and those of Japanese descent were, for economic and diplomatic reasons, classified as “honorary whites”. As such, they could live in white neighborhhoods, sleep in white hotels and eat in white restaurants.
    Why not classify the historically loyal and “patriotic” Druze of Israel as “honorary Jews”?
    Probably because such bureaucratic slight of hand and hair-splitting helped to expose the absurdity of apartheid in South Africa and would start down a slippery slope toward exposing its absurdity in Israel/Palestine too.
    The Zionist state has now gone all-in for racism and apartheid. It must now either stay all-in or get all-out.

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