Israel: the demographic problem

Summary: official Israeli figures show the Palestinian population may soon be a majority in what some call “greater Israel”. The one state solution undermined.

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1 thought on “Israel: the demographic problem”

  1. Israel faces a dual risk to its “Jewish and democratic” identity. Not only is there a risk that the Palestinians might achieve parity in numbers – threatening Israel’s Jewish identity, but the Haredim (ultra-orthodox) are also rapidly increasing in demographic weight within Israel, threatening its democratic identity. Some Israeli commentators suggest that Israel may yet end up a theocracy “Israel, on the Road to a Theocracy” ( While dismissed by some as scare-mongering, increasingly divisive religion-based laws point towards this: “Goodbye Israeli Minimarkets on Shabbat, Hello Religious Strife” ( It’s unlikely, but secular Israeli Jews should welcome an additional electoral bloc (Palestinians) which might be able to prevent such a drift.
    Perhaps in response to ArabDigest’s piece, Haaretz reports that”The Diaspora Ministry is eyeing tens of millions of quasi-Jews around the globes not just as potential Zionists but as potential immigrants.” (

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