1 thought on “Israel-Palestine: US peace efforts: leaving the dead cat on Abbas’s doorstep?”

  1. It’s prudent to wait until more is made public before making a judgement, and to assume that Kushner is attempting to negotiate a peace deal in good faith unless evidence emerges to the contrary. But on what we know at present it looks as if the Trump/Kushner “ultimate deal” for Palestine will break a basic law of negotiation: no agreement stands a chance unless it has commitment from all the stakeholders (only exception, if the missing stakeholder can be annihilated). That has been a critical weakness in US attempts to tackle the problem at least since President Carter’s Camp David agreements in 1978, which attempted a settlement of the Palestine problem without the involvement of the PLO.
    Kushner’s interview must be the first ever survey of the problem which failed to mention the importance of the security of Israel. That pillar of the bridge is built in stone – but what’s on the other side of the river?

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