The Balfour Project: Israel, Palestine, and Law

Summary: Arab Digest has long supported the rights of Palestinians to self-determination.  We are, therefore, pleased to publish the final statement of the Balfour Project’s 25 & 26 May conference Israel/Palestine: in search of the rule of law. The statement was released at the conclusion of the conference.

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1 thought on “The Balfour Project: Israel, Palestine, and Law”

  1. An Arab Digest member

    Yes: this has to happen. It is appalling that Israel practices apartheid, and the international community is required to accept this, and to also accept that to speak of the needs of the Palestinians, and the suffering caused to the Palestinians, is ‘anti-Semitism’. It is, in fact, simple regard for their human rights – their rights to be treated by Israel as human beings… It is not against Jews that protests are made: it is against the practices of the Israeli government, and the ‘settlers’, and entirely separate from Jewish people and the Jewish religion. It is saddening to see Israel persecuting, marginalising, and in effect squeezing their neighbours out of existence. Their religion/traditions don’t teach this.

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