2 thoughts on “Israel: decline of the left”

  1. Though no expert I suspect that there has been a parallel process in the development of the Israeli lobby in the US (as distinct from US Jewish opinion). Since the early 90s the lobby has been dominated by AIPAC, a cheerleader for the policies of the Israeli right and notoriously adept in the arts of political persuasion.

  2. Avi Shlaim is as sympathetic and persuasive as ever. There is another aspect to this decline of the Israeli left and Peace Now that could be added.
    In 1977 with the emergence of the first Likud Government in Israel, even Israel’s long term friends in the UK and US were deeply uncomfortable with supporting heirs to the Revisionist tradition in Israel. Now Netanyahu appears to be the darling of Washington (whatever his personal relations with Obama) and the West as a whole has accepted the new Israeli view of Middle East politics in which the first issue is the Iranian threat and Palestine is a subordinate problem.

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