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  1. Also, yet again, we play into their hands by providing the very publicity which they seek, with wall to wall TV coverage, press and social media. If they were given a paragraph on page 15 of mainstream newspapers which fewer and fewer people read, these attacks would soon stop. But each time, we just encourage them by doing exactly what they want us to do.

  2. Although there is a strong likelihood that the attack had a partial economic motive (as with other attacks on tourist locations, such as Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey), it is likely that part of the motive was to extend the coverage / terror – murders of foreigners tend to be reported in foreign media as well as that of the country in which the killing happens.
    As for “this was an attack on western values of freedom, carefree enjoyment and multiculturalism.” Perhaps; but far more, this was a target rich, straight line, soft target environment with limited avenues of escape for those attacked: it fits all the parameters in AQAP’s Inspire edition from autumn 2010. The main query for me is why there was an escape vehicle (unless it had originally been hired to transport some of the 100 gas cylinders reported) since Inspire notes that this is effectively a one-way ticket – and the presence of (inert) suicide vests suggests that the attackers thought so, too.

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