2 thoughts on “Ibadism and Oman’s stance of ‘active neutralisation’”

  1. An excellent essay. Only one point to note. The reference to “discomfort for the Shi’a minority community” of Bahrain is incorrect. The Shia are not a minority of indigenous Bahrainis. Wikipedia gives the breakdown as 62% Shia, 38% Sunni. Sunni oppression of the Shia majority is a major cause of the political unrest on the island.

  2. Really interesting and encouraging, well done.
    One of our families recently spent over 8 years in Abu Dhabi. I am impressed with the high level of religious and social tolerance prevails, as initiated by Sheikh Zayed in the early 1970s. I hope that a similar study to Grace Dunn’s could be encouraged about the UAE.
    Tolerance provides the path to social and economic success.

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