Houthiland: a nightmare vision becoming reality

Summary: The Houthis profit from the war and have little interest in ending it while exploiting humanitarian aid and depriving the 70% of the Yemeni population under their control basic human rights.

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1 thought on “Houthiland: a nightmare vision becoming reality”

  1. Further to Monday’s newsletter by Helen Lackner “Houthiland: a nightmare vision becoming reality” we draw our members attention to a new 35-page report just released today by Amnesty International entitled “Released and Exiled: Torture, unfair trials and forcible exile of Yemenis under Huthi rule”. (https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/mde31/3907/2021/en/).
    The report describes how since 2015 the Houthis have run a campaign of arbitrary arrests and detention against journalists, human rights defenders, political opponents and members of religious minorities and others exercising their right to expression, opinion and religious belief, or who are perceived to oppose their rule.

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