The Middle East’s Heroin Tracks

Summary: heroin mostly enters the Arab world from Afghanistan via Iran enroute to markets in Europe. Arab countries close to the main smuggling routes are the most impacted by the trade. The Syrian war has led traffickers to re-route heroin shipments via the Black Sea and Africa.

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1 thought on “The Middle East’s Heroin Tracks”

  1. Jonathan James

    Pertinent to this very interesting and depressing report is the news that on 23 April the Saudi authorities seized over 5 million Captagon tablets hidden in a consignment of fruit being imported from Lebanon. In consequence, the Saudi authorities have imposed a ban on further fruit and vegetable imports from Lebanon – a ban which the fragile Lebanese economy can ill afford – and the Lebanese authorities have followed up by arresting a figure alleged to be linked to the consignment who has well-established links to Hezbollah. These narcotic flows – and who is benefitting from them – don’t get nearly enough publicity.

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