Gaza: the Great March of Return, one year on: what has been achieved?

Summary: the Great March of Return, taken over by Hamas, has lasted much longer than its initiators expected. But it has failed to ease the siege of Gaza and the refugees are no nearer returning.

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1 thought on “Gaza: the Great March of Return, one year on: what has been achieved?”

  1. This a a tragic situation, and easy to feel the problem is unsolvable … In addition, the accusations of anti-semitism in the Labour Party here in the UK add to the “catch 22” situation of even mentioning any positives about Gaza’s ‘right to exist’ in better circumstances, for fear of the accusation that one is anti-semitic. That is how twisted politics can get, even from people who have no grasp or knowledge of the facts of this situation. Thank you for Arab Digest giving us access to this. While fully understanding the Jewish need for Israel, the treatment of the Palestinians appears to many of us to show no mercy, which is worrying when we remember the reasons why the country of Israel is also necessary for Jewish survival.

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