Gaza: more bloodshed, political consequences

Summary: IDF shoots demonstrators in Gaza. Revulsion in Israel and elsewhere. King Salman calls Trump to reaffirm Saudi position on Palestine and Jerusalem. 

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1 thought on “Gaza: more bloodshed, political consequences”

  1. The Sa’udi position on Jerusalem / al-Aqsa is more likely to do with their rivalry with both the Sharifs of the Hijaz – now kings of Jordan – (who have treaty responsibility over al-Aqsa); and with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which never misses an opportunity to push its nominally Islamist agenda and leadership (although the 2003 fax – – shows the IRI’s true colours), especially in comparison to KSA.
    Interestingly, this appears to be the second time that someone with direct access to King Salman has briefed against MbS (both times concerning external relations) and the King has taken action. (The first time someone must have briefed the King against MbS was here –

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