Donald Trump, the Middle East and the 2020 election

Summary: The US President’s re-election calculus stands to be more important in determining American policy in the Middle East than the views of any number of advisors and US allies.
We are again grateful to Alastair Newton for the article below.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump, the Middle East and the 2020 election”

  1. Grim.
    Just wish the USA would stop its meddling around the world, actually! Regime change doesn’t seem to work in anyone’s favour, ever! Thankful some Americans dislike Trump’s attitude to Iran…

  2. Alastair Newton

    To the opinion poll data in this article let me add this from an article on Iran/US which appeared in the 21 May edition of the FT:
    “A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday found that 51 per cent of Americans thought the US would go to war with Iran within a few years — an increase of 8 points from a year ago. The same poll said 49 per cent of Americans disapproved of the way Mr Trump was handling relations with Iran.”

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