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    1. What a Palestinian ‘win’ in Gaza would look like is still unclear because the war is still not over (and they might still lose) but at a minimum, this means denying the occupation forces their war aims and being ready to continue the liberation struggle.
      When you consider the imbalance of power between the two sides – a nuclear armed state vs a militia – this would indeed be a historic, extraordinary victory.
      When viewed in the context of other national liberation struggles, the cost is also both normal and predictable.
      The Palestinians have lost 100,000 dead and wounded so far and counting.
      But the Russians sacrificed 30 million people in World War II to fight off Hitler. The Vietnamese sacrificed 3.5 million people against the Americans. The Algerians lost six million against the French over 132 years.
      Depending on how it goes, a Palestinian victory could, however, be much more than just surviving to fight another day. As we wrote in today’s article it could mean the end of Zionism and the complete collapse of Israel. Such a prospect is never discussed in Western media but it is openly discussed in Israel. Some may think this unlikely but one year before the Berlin Wall came down who thought they would see the end of communism in their lifetimes?
      As we wrote in today’s article, such a prospect has been given a great boost because of the shocking tactics Israel has employed in the war which have served to delegitimise it internationally and which could now lead to rapid developments in the BDS movement, as well as legal action against Israeli individuals and companies involved in the genocide. The economic and legal impact of this, combined with the Palestinians’ victory on the battlefield, could lead to large swathes of the Israeli population simply losing confidence in the future of their state and voting with their feet. In that case a tipping point could be reached in a matter of weeks, as happened at the sundown of other settler colonial projects like the French occupation in Algeria. 500,000 Israelis leaving the country out of a population of 9 million people is not an insignificant proportion. The demise of the apartheid regime in South Africa is another pertinent comparison. It also had full superpower support and every technological, military and financial advantage before it collapsed.

      1. I accept that the Western narrative of the fighting and its conduct is hopelessly skewed. I have no independent means to judge your account of the mood in Israel or, for example, the numbers leaving, whether short term or effectively not intending to return. But if your narrative is more or less accurate, surely Netanyahu has every reason to bring Iran, and therefore the US and UK into direct and high level conflict. No one else wants a regional or global war, but I do not see Biden abandoning the Zionist project in this election year. The prospect is appalling and we may have to depend on Iran somehow to keep out whatever the provocation. Meanwhile, I do not buy the Berlin Wall analogy; the outcome may profoundly change Israel, probably for the worse, but it does not face an external “existential threat”. It may also transform global attitudes; the global North has lost any credibility as a stakeholder in humanitarian and international legal standards. Colonialism lives and the US condemnation of Putin’s barbarities in Syria and Ukraine rings hollow in the non-Western world. None of this may save Palestinian Gaza and no Arab armies will fight for the Gazans’ cause.

        1. I agree that this war could end with the collapse of Israel, and clearly this would be a victory for Hamas, despite the lives lost. But I disagree that “denying the occupation forces their war aims and being ready to continue the liberation struggle” would also be a victory. Hamas might regard that as a victory, and would certainly claim it as a victory, but tens of thousands Palestinians dead and injured, and enormous destruction of housing and infrastructure, to end up where Hamas was before October 7, is no victory.

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