1 thought on “Covid-19 and the MENA wars”

  1. Saudi Arabia has been trying to withdraw from the Yemeni debacle for at least 6 months, but without MbS losing face. The COVID-19 crisis fortuitously allows the Sa’udis to withdraw due to a disease which has brought super-powers to their knees.
    The Huthis can hardly be blamed for not keeping to a ceasefire to which they did not agree: the Huthis are advancing (and their southern foes are fighting amongst themselves.) Why should the Huthis stop now?
    The oft-mouthed phrase “political solution” appears to mean “a surrender” rather than – as most would assume – “a negotiated settlement”. It’s noticeable that the Coalition continues to cling to the phrase “the legitimate government” in contrast to the Huthis. The latter are advancing through force of arms, but also through negotiation, suggesting that they have legitimacy in the eyes of increasing numbers of the population.

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