Comoros and its place in the Indian Ocean

Summary: small and poor, the Comoros are in a migration dispute with France, are involved in shady trade in passports for Kuwaiti residents and others, and side with Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Iran and Qatar (guess why!).

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1 thought on “Comoros and its place in the Indian Ocean”

  1. Maybe also worth remembering that Mayotte was part of the Comoros until ‘independence’ in 1975, and that most Comorans in the three islands which voted for independence from France now, most likely, regret it, the reason why they try to go to Mayotte where they hope to benefit from being French, and many of course have relatives there. In addition also worth remembering the multiple coups, role of French mercenaries and the disagreements between the leadership of the different islands, two of which tried to reverse the ‘independence’ from France. Otherwise a beautiful set of islands but difficult to call a nation, and certainly open to most forms of income generation, including those listed in the article!!

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