Climate Change and Water Shortages in the Maghreb

Summary: the Maghreb countries face a looming crisis in dealing with the impact of climate change on water supply.
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1 thought on “Climate Change and Water Shortages in the Maghreb”

  1. “Desalination of sea-water could also be used to supply water to high-value urban and industrial uses but needs cheap energy to be viable. For the moment, therefore, it is only a realistic option for Algeria, at least on a large scale.”
    In terms of energy, all three countries have ample supplies of solar radiation which may help to distill saline water. In addition, the Canary Current runs off Morocco’s Atlantic coast, which – though not strong – is constant and could likewise help power desalination; there’s also a 3-4kt current in the Straits of Gibraltar which might help in e.g. Tangiers (and Gibraltar!)

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