Climate change and sea-level rise: the impact on Arab countries

Summary: many parts of the Arab world will be badly affected by the likely rise in sea-level brought about by climate change. The Gulf states and the Nile Delta look likely to be hardest hit, though the former (being richer) will be better able to cope than Egypt.

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1 thought on “Climate change and sea-level rise: the impact on Arab countries”

  1. There is also the related issue of rising temperatures:
    “Climate change is already affecting the Arab World in dire ways. It will cause extreme heat to spread across more of the land for longer periods of time, making some regions unlivable and reducing growing areas for agriculture. Cities will feel an increasing heat island effect and most capital cities in the Middle East could face four months of exceedingly hot days every year. Rising temperatures will put intense pressure on crops and already scarce water resources, potentially increasing migration and the risk of conflict.” (

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