Bouteflika candidate for a fifth term

Summary: Bouteflika chosen by FLN to stand for a fifth term as president. Much political action, but the result not in much doubt.

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1 thought on “Bouteflika candidate for a fifth term”

  1. An Arab Digest member

    How pathetic is it to see how in a country where over 60% of its 40 million inhabitants are under 40, they will have to choose to be represented by candidates with an average age of 71 years minimum? Can’t the coalition/regime find and format a younger candidate?
    Of course they can and they would if that was their will, but Ouyahia and his peers are keener to have the sitting President closing the circle, and complete the purpose of his candidacy – by putting in place the perfect system for the sustainability of an old and dying regime.
    As an ultimate action, the sitting President, the candidate and of course the next – pre-elected- President Bouteflika, wanted to revise the Constitution to install a VP system, which will be one tiny step to seal the sustainability of dinosaurs in this biggest country in Africa, but also make sure to empty whatever is left through constitutionalized corruption in place; .
    Today many campaigns are taking place around social media #NONAU5EMEMANDAT or asking all Algerians to put a black picture as their Facebook profile to show their disagreement to the 5th mandate.
    Citizen concern doesn’t come from having a President on a wheelchair per say, but much more important concern is about the capacity of the latter to govern, the legality of his signatures imposed on the different decrees popping up every day, national security decisions, legitimacy and legality.
    But the EU and world leaders are not helping unfortunately, the EU runs to meet the President like Chancellor Merkel last September
    While the controlled news outlets from both countries were welcoming the initiative, the Chancellor didn’t manage to get a word from her one-to-one meeting with the President because of his damaged capacity, however, she managed to get the support she was looking for and she got the Algerian authorities’ support to get rid of the illegal immigrants in Germany. So, congratulations for the mission accomplished Mrs Merkel.
    But the EU should keep in mind its accountability for supporting such a dying, corrupted Regime. The EU is accountable for what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow in Algeria as a result of such a masquerade performed with the blessing or silence of world leaders.
    The EU will face a much bigger wave of immigrants from this biggest country in Africa and they will have no one to blame, except their own actions or non-actions.
    So, if I may offer one word of advice, “EU Speak now or forever hold your peace”.

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