1 thought on “Another week in Israel’s genocidal war”

  1. “Biden thinking that the Saudis will ignore popular support for Palestine”.

    I am not aware of any Western Media reporting of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in KSA or the Mashraq generally except Jordan. What do social media tell followers about the level of opposition to MbS’s mega deal with the US and Israel, essentially for KSA to join Israel under the US defence umbrella in return for a commitment to do something for the Palestinians at some date in the future? Clearly the Arab League, that is to say the Arab Regimes, have nothing to contribute. I assume Biden’s aim is to get through to November without wrecking his chance of reelection. Netanyahu needs to hold his coalition together, which means playing for time and soldiering on in Gaza. Europe and the UK have signed up to support Israel, no matter what, and in any case have little or no credibility. So unless there is serious domestic opposition in KSA or (is it conceivable?) in the US and Israel itself, there is no incentive for the parties to change their positions until after the US elections. Meanwhile ethnic cleansing in Gaza and the West Bank can proceed on its bloody course. And if Trump returns it should be carte blanche to finish the job.

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