1 thought on “Another day, another billionaire”

  1. I really have no difficulty with the idea that Saudi arm-twisting may have been an element in this latest ‘incident’. After all, MBS has ‘form’ when it comes to coercion so why not here too?
    Additionally, from the very outset of the so-called ‘anti-graft’ campaign it has been clear that there is a strong echo of Xi Jinping here in the form of a disproportionate targeting of political enemies and potential rivals.
    These motives are far from mutually exclusive. And nor is raising revenue to help cover (indeed, more than cover in all probability) what would otherwise be a pretty hefty fiscal deficit this year, which I have cited as a strong motive in past articles.
    The irony of this, as several commentators have noted, is that it has added an additional layer of uncertainty to doing business in KSA at the very time when MBS is trying to attract major foreign investment there. The optimists think this will be short-lived as the attractions which were spun at the so-called ‘Davos in the desert’ event certainly impressed. But, given the number of parties who now seem bent on sowing more chaos and instability in the region (whether deliberately or not) I am not so sure.

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