An impulsive actor in the Middle East

Summary: Chapter 19 of new e-book examines the rise of Erdoğan and considers the prospect of Turkey overcoming his grip.

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2 thoughts on “An impulsive actor in the Middle East”

  1. Intentionally or not, this critique of Erdogan’s disastrous misreading of the Syrian situation in 2011 could be applied equally to British policy based on the same assumption that the Asad regime would fall in a few weeks and “moderate” Syrian Islamist opposition was the future to be encouraged. More fundamentally, surely, Erdogan can be seen consistently to give priority to his domestic issues, pro MB and anti-Kurd, over all external problems. If this is correct, and I find it persuasive, it suggests that Erdogan is unlikely to back down over the Qatar crisis and that imbroglio of Saudi manufacture could lead to some form of serious conflict. It would be reassuring if there were firefighters rather than arsonists in Washington.

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