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  1. Zeinab Badawi is one of the outstanding journalists of her generation: gracious in her interviews but as sharp as a knife. Her BBC series was a fascinating and desperately needed “reinvention” of the history of the continent away from a European 15-20th century focus which destroys the very meaning of history. One quibble however – the links between North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa might have been developed in a more layered way.

    The media inclination to forget or not know history was brought sharply into focus by the reporting of events in Gaza since last October. How Israel was created, the decades of occupation of Palestinian lands seem to vanish into thin air as we are reminded of the violent Hamas attack. It is as if the Jews were truly a people without land who had found a land without people, a trope which still plays to millions of Westerners who should know better.

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