3 thoughts on “Amir of Kuwait – a "health setback"”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Would you consider correcting the captioned for the above photograph of the Emir of Kuwait (R) receiving Parliament’s Speaker Mr. Marzouq AL-Ghanim (L).
    Mr. AL-Ghanim is not the crown prince. It’s common practice in Kuwait that the crown prince has the same surname as of the Emir. Thank you for an extremely informative article.

  2. I think you are selling the Kuwaiti Assembly short when you suggest the Bahraini Assembly has comparable power. In Kuwait the Assembly is a serious impediment to the Government getting its business done; in Bahrain parliamentary opposition is surely little more than a public relations nuisance. I would put Bahrain more on a level with Jordan in this respect.

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