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  1. It is rather disconcerting to read western journalists let alone former CIA officials explain that Mohamed Mediene alias Tewfik, the long standing head of Algeria’s secret service the DRS was “sacked” or “given the boot” when those Algerians who should know acknowledge, in private that they simply do not know the exact circumstances to Twefik’s departure. Many articles in the Algerian press and totally misleading, planted so to speak to confuse the incredulious reader.
    Bruce Riedel ‘s record of prophetising Algeria is not remarkable: on August 19th 2011 he told his readers of The national Interest that “Algeria will be the next to fall”. “How long before Algeria becomes the next Libya?” he asked. Many in the CIA where he served for years explained to all and sundry in the 1990s that the Algerian army would crack under the pressure of the islamists. Algeria itself might split – into how many parts was not made clear. Others claimed it was ripe to become the next Islamic State. The same CIA was adamant during the 1980s that the Moroccan monarchy would not last a decade. So much for accurate reporting. As for the frenzied speculation inside the Beltway, that is an old as modern Washington.
    The opacity of the Algerian political and security systems, born of the clandestine fight against France and the birth of the OS (Organisation Spéciale) after the second world war is not in doubt.
    But to come out with definitive statements about internal DRS infighting or, more broadly battles at the top, would it not be best to acknowledge that the observer of Algeria, all too often, simply does not have a clue. Comparing Tewfik to Edgdar Hoover is absurd and misleading. The Algerian leadership is collective – a dozen people most of the time and, in the army a group which can be expanded to 200 or more senior officers in times of important decisions.

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