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  1. Anonymous in Algiers

    Great piece thank you.
    While the reasons are different (Killing of Jamel Khashoggi, Yemen war…) there are many voices raising against MBS’s visit to Algiers,
    1- Media and journalists to start with https://www.liberte-algerie.com/actualite/des-journalistes-disent-non-a-mbs-304489 Many national Newspapers both French and Arabic printed papers
    2- The president of Islamist party MSP opposes openly to the visit https://www.tsa-algerie.com/makri-dit-non-a-la-visite-de-mbs-en-algerie/ , and last but not least;
    3- Even a satirical known paper, “El Manchar”, published a paper where they refer to how his majesty will be accompanied by the prince of Daesh titled: “Algeria authorizes Al-Baghdadi to accompany MBS during his visit” https://el-manchar.com/2018/11/24/lalgerie-autorise-al-baghdadi-daccompagner-mbs-lors-de-visite/
    And social media (Facebook mainly) went viral as well.
    Now the question is whether we can expect- if still possible- any change of position from a Government that considers “Saudi Arabia is a friend and brother country and with which Algeria has excellent relations” considering that its own citizens reactions. Unless, we suddenly see a petition raising to support the visit, well then the government will have no other choice than respect their decision!

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