1 thought on “After Brexit, is the UK returning to the Middle East?”

  1. I much appreciated today’s piece about Britain in the Middle East. I note that the author was an adviser to two Prime Ministers on UK and European trade. Nonetheless from my more humble position, I fear that we are as a nation losing the ability to talk to the Shaikhs of the Gulf. I cannot comment on what sort of dialogue we have with the larger Arab countries like Iraq, Syria or Egypt. My feeling is that just being keen salesmen misses the point. The leaders in this region want to talk to those who understand their problems and can give quiet advice, and who are not either trying to bully them or sell them things. If they are happy to talk to us, then they may well buy goods from us. After the awful distractions of Brexit, I hope that we can go back to building solid long-term relationships, which are not just built on trade. Most of the personalities at the British end who deal with this region change frequently. We must try to find a way to build continuity into our relationships. I worry however that as Britain tries in future to deal with pressures from the US and Europe, our role in this region will be limited and our stock further diminished.

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