1 thought on “Another round to Putin”

  1. Nick Stadtmiller

    It seems rather odd to sanction a NATO ally over purchasing Russian military hardware by effectively making it harder for their weapons procurers to purchase American-made materiel.
    Erdogan probably has little room for manoeuvre to accede to US demands to get rid of the S-400s. Even the opposition CHP has decried US sanctions, asserting Turkey’s sovereign right to make procurement decisions. Add to this, Erdogan’s ultra-nationalist MHP allies have been rattling the sabre both here and regarding gas drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean (for which the EU recently slapped Turkey with sanctions and more could be seen in March).
    Ukraine could find itself caught up in the issue as well. Kyiv recently agreed to purchase Turkish-made Bayraktar drones, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated in Libya. If the CAATSA sanctions hold up components necessary to manufacture the drones, the sale may get squeezed.
    This would delight Moscow, however. The Kremlin is apparently furious that Erdogan agreed to provide the Bayraktar to Kyiv in the first place.

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