1 thought on “Morocco’s CT effort: so far, so good”

  1. In regards to Islamist terrorism, the Moroccans are doing a reasonable job: there is debate about the efficacy of deradicalisation schemes globally (ie whether they are an opportunity for natural wastage to occur, or whether they can crack the hardliners), and – as Greg notes – the frequent issue of sustaining a Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration scheme beyond the immediate time-horizon, but from a hard security standpoint, it’s mostly controlled.
    However, like the similar Holy Lands issues, the question of the Western Sahara has not gone away, and there are some signs that the younger nationalist Sahrawi generation are not willing to continue in the ossified “peace process”.
    There is also the possibility that the Sahrawi issue is infected with jihadism – as the Tuareg struggle in Mali has become – which would potentially cause even more problems.

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